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Friday, 08 April 2011 20:23

Event Management

Easily manage your events with JomSocial's Event Manager. Set an event anywhere in the world and it'll display in the Google maps. Manage your members, set an invite number limit or even send out invitations so that they can RSVP to your event. Set your events with JomSocial so that your members are more engaged with each other. Nothing beats meeting your members face to face and having fun at doing that!
Friday, 08 April 2011 20:05

Photo Gallery

Photos taken by digital camera and mobile phones (yes, that includes iPhone) usually have orientation metadata. JomSocial recognizes this and auto-rotates the photos according to its original orientation. So, don't worry, your feet will always be on the ground.

Uploaded photo can be arranged to your liking. How? Just drag and drop into the correct order and you are done. After that, don't forget to choose the best photo to be the album cover. Yes, JomSocial social networking scripts are that powerful.

Networking Options

The following networking options are available on this website:

The various options are linked to the user data base for facilitating connections and interactions between our members.

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