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This section will offer information, links and further details about study options in Europe. For each institution students and interested staff mebers and academics will find a special page with information about this institution. These individual study pages will present information on study offers, housing possibilities, language requirements, financial aids and supports, and further data and information which should provide a detailed guide to prepare your semester or year abroad.

  • Please note that you have the option to comment on each article at the end of each entry. Please also post updates, information, links you think are important. The presentations of the different instituions will be linked to various testimonials for further information and communication.

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We hope that these presentations of our partner network will improve pre-departure information, prepare students and academics for a semester aborad, and enhance student communication and interaction. Please engage yourself in this community and offer, it will just become really attractive and useful with the participation of each member and user.

Offers & Services

We develop websites for Higher Education Institutions with the following characteristcs and tools:

To illustrate its usability, the various options are currently linked to our user data base here on Jadiliano for facilitating connections and interactions between members.

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We offer international educators various options to engage themselves within our network and community:

  • Intercultural Community: create your own personal profile
  • Groups and Events: create and participate in various groups and events
  • International Profiles: publish your profile and your personal comments on international higher education here on our website
  • Join our team: please contact us if you would like to become involved in this project
  • Become a moderator: moderate a special group or section on this website

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