International Profiles

Major intentions and goals of Jadiliano are to get people together, to increase networking in International Education and to give colleagues and people the chance to enhance their personal and professional networks.

In the following section we'd like to present you some profiles and further information of colleagues working in International Higher Education.

All people presented on the following pages are also members within the community. We have linked their names on top of each international profile with their personal profile in the community, so when you are enrolled into the page, just click on their name to visit their profile and know more about them or to contact them directly.

Networking Options

The following networking options are available on this website:

The various options are linked to the user data base for facilitating connections and interactions between our members.

Engage yourself!

We offer international educators various options to engage themselves within our network and community:

  • Intercultural Community: create your own personal profile
  • Groups and Events: create and participate in various groups and events
  • International Profiles: publish your profile and your personal comments on international higher education here on our website
  • Join our team: please contact us if you would like to become involved in this project
  • Become a moderator: moderate a special group or section on this website

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