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NAFSA Annual Conference St. Louis 2013

Thousands of educators from around the world will meet in St. Louis, Missouri for the 2013 NAFSA annual conference. Please visit the website for further information of NAFSA's annual conference.

Please have a look at the last conference which took place in Houston in May 2012, where more than 8500 professional in International Higher Edcuation attended.

Some months prior to the conference we will create the corresponding event group here on the website. Once enrolled into this event, you can see who else is attending this conference, can contact your colleagues and find and add information. Is always difficult to stay in contact with all the people you meet at such an enormous conference, so this website tries to enhance collaboration, and espacially foster contact and networking prior as well as after an event, conference or fair.

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To illustrate its usability, the various options are currently linked to our user data base here on Jadiliano for facilitating connections and interactions between members.

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We offer international educators various options to engage themselves within our network and community:

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