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The Sunrise Children's Villages are located in Phnom Penh and Siem Reap, Cambodia and were created in 1993, following a visit by Geraldine Cox. The centres actually care for hundreds of orphaned or disadvantaged Cambodian children. On April 7, 2011, Geraldine Cox was guest of the BUiLD program at the University of Technology, UTS, Sydney, and gave an inspiring speech about her daily life and manageing the Sunrise Children's Villages.  
The Sunrise Children's Villages are two orphanages located in Siem Reap and Phnom Penh, Cambodia. The Australia Cambodia Foundation started in September 1993, following the first visit by Geraldine and a friend in 1993. The orphanages are now known as Sunrise Children's Villages and they care for hundreds of orphaned and disadvantaged Cambodian children.Our third Sunrise Children's Village has commenced construction in Sihanoukville.

The Australian corporation, Computershare, has generously donated more than US$500,000 to realize this dream for a third centre, through its worldwide staff giving program, for which we are very grateful. This centre will give a home, medical care and education to more than 100 HIV affected children.

Your support of these orphanages through child sponsorship is an amazing gift that continues to give life, hope, education, health and a future to those who had nothing.

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Please watch the video below, "We Can Be", which presents the Anthem for Sunrise.

For further information, engagment and networking with colleagues who are also interested in this project, please visit our special interest group here on Jadiliano.

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