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Jadiliano offers a new platform on International Education and a new directory for academics, professionals and persons engaged within International Relations and Education! Beside the community, our International Education Forum provides an useful knowledge base about global Higher Education.

We hope to help you enhance your personal network, connect yourself to new as well as old colleagues and friends, and find suitable information within the forum. Please click here to register and create a personal profile within the community. After confirming your email address, you will find many different tools for communication with colleagues or to contact other members of the community, a personal mailbox, access to the forum on International Education, and different taps for uploading articles, links, a brief CV and other information.

Which further benefits offers the community? You can contact persons from other universities, create a profile of your institution on our platform, and directly guide visitors towards your educational offers. This will help you creating new partnerships as also maintaining and improving existing exchange partnerships with other institutions. Please click on the menu on the right side to access the community. Please notice that the community is just accessible for registered users. Upon registration, an email will be sent to you with a confirmation link. You have to click on that link in order to complete your registration. We will try to keep the privacy of this site and of its users as high as possible.

In our community you have the possibility to costumize your personal profile according to your preferences and ideas. When you are logged in, just go to your profile, and add the applications you would like to choose. You can select between some 8-10 different applications and add them to your profile, in the order and place where you decide.

One application we especially recommend is the Twitter application, which allows you to import and integrate your Twitter feeds into your Jadiliano account and show your latest posts and news directly in your profile.

Please visit our forum and the community for further networking options.

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