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Connect your own students, staff, researchers, as well as foreign students within an online education community - similar to the Jadiliano Education Network - so that each person and user can benefit from the experiences of the other community members.

community_2One purpose of this website is to illustrate possibilities, benefits and advantages of web-based Content Management Systems (CMS). So why not create and offer a similar portal to your students as you find on this website for persons engaged in international education? Let us know what your plans are, and we would be glad to offer you more information.

Most students are already connected to one or more social communities and networks, mainly facebook has reached an enormous popularity, espacially among younger persons and students. The webportal that you find here on this side and which we would offer to your institution would contain similar tools and possibilities for connecting different users for educational purposes.

In general, our offers include the following components:

    • Initial creation of your personal web-based, online Study Abroad Content Management System (CMS). We will create your website, depending on your ideas and suggestions, like, or, and later transfer it to the server of your choice. It is also possible to install the whole program directly on a server of your choice. The website we create will be similar to this website, which also serves as our project and demonstration website on Intercultural Education. You will find basic tools, a forum as a major component of your project, and a functional CMS for starting your own Education Community.

    • A Forum on Study Abroad issues will be one of the core elements of this project and your new website. Therefore you will find a forum installed. You will adapt it for your special needs and requirements and to define the different categories in the forum. Defining different categories is as easy as creating new folders within the explorer, so the software is extremely easy to adapt to your needs and requirements. As well as to update it fast and easy.

    • An event and group section within the International Community will be integrated as well so you can start announcing online visits from other universities, deadlines for submission of papers and applications, and news about education fairs. You can create special groups on academic topcis, student groups, and announce events to which students can enroll.

    • cowqfDevolop you personal map of your International Partner Network! Here on our website you will already find a similar tool, "Country Profiles", which would offer an ideal solution for illustrating the exchange and study abroad possibilities and options your university is offering.
    • A private section for each user. Here it is possible to enter all relevant information about possible university destinations as well as any other information the user wishes to include. You might wish to become member of our international relations community here on this website, or as well of the community on studies in Europe we offer at Please have a look at the different characteristics of the two communities and the various possibilities of interconnections, and we would be pleased to create a similar community for your institution!

Let us know what you are planning, or how we can help, and we will be glad to help you construct a site that meets your needs. We also could host your website for some time if necessary.

{googleads left} We would be pleased if we could help you creating your own International Education Community (IEC)! Please click here for having a look at further advantages and benefits of this platform for your institution. You also will some more articles and information on Social Software, Education Communities and related benefits for institutions within our FAQs on this site.

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