Higher Education in Australia: Information, links, and recommended readings

Higher Education in Australia

International Higher Education has an enormous influence and importance in Australia. Income and revenues from foreign students studying in Australia each year make this sector oen of the most important sources of national income, often cited between the third or fourth most important "industry" in Australia. In some Australian states such as Victoria, the importance of foreign tuition income to the overall state income is even higher.

"International education is a major sector in Australia. Almost 30 percent of all students in higher education are foreign students. Revenue from their tuition - Australia has few scholarships and nearly all nonresidents pay full-cost fees - provided 18 percent of the university income in 2010."
Source: Marginson, S. (2012): International Higher Education in Australia: The Roller Coaster. International Higher Education, 68: 11-13.

One of the most interesting and suitable study fairs for Australian students are the annual education fairs, the "Student Mobility Fair Circuits", at the end of April and early May. These fairs offer a good opportunity for foreign institutions to present their offers and study programs to various institutions within a short period of time. In 2012, about 35 Australian universities participated in this circuit, which offers foreign representants a unique opportunity to visit various intsitutions within just one trip to Australia. These fairs are organized by the IEAA (International Education Association of Australia), the corresponding website is The education fairs normally take place during the first two weeks in May and end with the "Outbound Mobility Forum", which always is held at another institution covering topics for Australian universities to increase their outgoing mobility.  

Major websites and sources for information: The video below from offers a brief overview on Higher Education and institutions in Australia.


Important associations

Group of Eight: The Group of Eight (Go8) is a coalition of leading Australian universities, intensive in research and comprehensive in general and professional education.

Universities Australia represents Australia's 39 universities in the public interest, both nationally and internationally. The website is


Visa & Immigration

The most useful website for visa and immigration issues is

Work & Study

International students in Australia on a student visa can apply for a work visa. A student can work up to 20 hours a week on a casual basis during course time. Please check the website for further information. The section "Finding work" of the Government website offers various further resources to look for part time emplyment. Link:

Links & further information

Some further information and links about Higher Education in Australia are accesible on the following websites: {googleads right}

General information with many useful links about tertiary education is available in the Wikipedia: In the Wikipedia, you might also find the article interesting about funding possibilities and schemes, as also information about general fees: Australia to date doesn't offer many scholarships options for foreign students, but ther are possibilities. Please have a look at the funding section below.

Feeds about Australian Higher Education:

Recommended further readings

Breen, J. (2002): Higher Education in Australia: Structure, Policy and Debate. Monash University, December 2002. Online available at:

Marginson, S. (2012): International Higher Education in Australia: The Roller Coaster. International Higher Education, 68: 11-13.

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