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Content Management Systems (CMS) provide essential benefits for universities and higher education institutions. Using a web-based CMS as provided on this site, you can create your own community portal for your study abroad and exchange community. On your new web site you can establish a constant source of information about all activities related to international relations and activities of your institution.

Install a forum, create a monthly newsletter, add the most important dates to your study abroad calendar, and offer your different members and students a chat room to discuss on current topics. Provide an overview on current international project activities, community and students’ accomplishments, and learning material.

{googleads right}The website can be extended by lists and overviews on your institutions' partner network, on study abroad and research possibilities your institution provide, testimonials of students who studied abroad or passed one semester at your institution. A link library can complete the information basis of the different locations.

You can also create individual pages for your partner institutions. We illustrated this option here on Jadiliano within the submenu "Partner Network". These sites could illustrate by far better your international profile as just presenting a list of your partner institutions on your main university’s website. Add information to available programs, which courses your students can take, if the exchange is limited to some certain faculties or academic disciplines, and further relevant information. Please click here for further information and for having a view on some examples.

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To illustrate its usability, the various options are currently linked to our user data base here on Jadiliano for facilitating connections and interactions between members.

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