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On the website you will find a wide range of information in International Education, as well as many links to universities. Together with the Community and Network on International Education we can offer a suitable and useful resource within International Education and International Cooperation. So if you would like to provide information of your institution and its study programs for our worldwide visitors, we would be pleased if Jadiliano could offer a suitable platform.

If you would like to add and post advertisements and publicity on Jadiliano, please get in contact with us. You also can create your own page within our website and inform on your institution, the study offers, on Summer Schools or other academic programs.

Please note: the following prices are valid for our other education portals as well, such as "Study in Saudi Arabia" ( 

Our current prices for banners and ads on our website are:

  • 700 x 140 banner on the frontpage (below the content section): 475 Euro / month
  • 700 x 140 banner (within one selected country profile): 425 Euro / month
  • 240 x 400 sidebar ad on the frontpage (beside "Contact Us"): 375 Euro / month
  • 240 x 140 sidebar ad within a country profile: 275 Euro / month (incl. one separate page for presenting your institution or company, for example one page for the "University of Buenos Aires" in the country profile of Argentina)
  • 220 x 140 ad on the frontpage (below the content section): 175 Euro / month


Please contact us for current special offers and for any kinds of ads which you would like to publish for more than six months. We currently reach more than 2000 professionals in International Higher Education worldwide. We also can create one special page for advertising of your university or entreprise within a corrsponding menu or area of the website. Please have a look at the different articles of each country - you can see within the country list how many times these articles already have been seen after publishing.


Discount rates for long-term engagement

We offer the following discounts for a longer committment: 10% discount for 3 months, 25% for 6 months and 50% for a one year ad on the website. The corresponding prices are the following:

1 month     
3 months    
6 months    
12 months    

700 x 140 banner on the frontpage:

€ 475 ,-
1425 € 1283,- 2850 € 2138,- 5700 € 2850,-

700 x 140 banner within a country profile:

€ 425 ,-
1275 € 1148,- 2550 € 1913,- 5100 € 2550,-

240 x 400 sidebar ad on the frontpage:

€ 375 ,-
1125 € 1013,- 2250 € 1688,- 4500 € 2250,-

240 x 140 sidebar ad within a country profile:

€ 275,-
825 € 743,- 1650 € 1238,- 3300 € 1650,-

220 x 140 ad on the frontpage:

€ 175,-
525 € 473,- 1050 € 788,- 2100 € 1050,-







Please contact us for other offers and promotions. Below you can find examples on the different banners available. Let us know if you would require or want any other formats, thanks.

Banner 1: 700 x 140 banner on the frontpage


Banner 2: 240 x 400 sidebar ad on the frontpage


Banner 3: 240 x 140 sidebar ad on EACH side


Banner 4: 220 x 140 ad on the frontpage




Banners & Logo

If you would like to post a direct links to Jadiliano on your website, you will find soon some banners to use. Please let us know if you need another format or size.

And please note: within our bookstore you will find publications on many topics within International and Intercultural Education.

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We develop websites for Higher Education Institutions with the following characteristcs and tools:

To illustrate its usability, the various options are currently linked to our user data base here on Jadiliano for facilitating connections and interactions between members.

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