Representation in Latin America

We can represent your institution in Latin America and help you enhacing your engagment and development in this region. We are based in Mexico City and Buenos Aires, and try to attend most of the important educational fairs in the region. We can get you in contact with corresponding institutions which fit your profile, and try to help you creating new partner and exchange programs with Latin American institutions

For study options in Europe, the most important fairs in Latin America are the different "Europosgrados", study fairs which are held in several Latin American countries during each year. The central website of these fairs in Argentina, Brazil, Chile, Colombia and Mexico is We can represent your institution at these fairs and/or visit selected universities in each country. Please also get in contact with us for representing your institution at selected fairs and events in the USA or Canada.

Please contact us for more information and offers for representation in Latin America. We can also present your institution at the annual EuroPosgrados – European Higher Education Fair in Mexico, which normally take place in Monterrey, Guadalajara and Mexico City in November each year.

For information about representation, please get in contact with Alex. Her email and contact information are available here.

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