Often students quote that one of their major experiences during the academic career has been their studies abroad, an enriching experience with another culture, in another country. But most students make their decision about where to go based upon their "gut feeling", or on the comments of some friends who already have studied in this or that country, at this or that university.

teengirlsAn online data base with testimonials of your students could offer an enormous new source of information for future students. The following pages shall offer more detailed examples on how to use these section as a new source of information on available study abroad destinations and programs. The "Testimonials on Study Abroad" reflect the experiences of students and researchers they had abroad, and shall help future students and researchers orienting themselves prior to going abroad.

{googleads right} At the end of each testimonial you can add the name of the person who wrote the article. Most people will be registered at the community as well, so just click on the name of the person to see and consult her or his profile in the forum and the community, and to get in touch for further questions or information.

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