Creation & Benefits of Online Education Communities

Creation & Benefits of Online Education Communities             

Why offer Content Management Systems (CMS) for Study Abroad? What would be the advantages, aims, and benefits for your institution? And how can "Education Communities" contribute to a rising internationalization of your institution? We believe that many higher education institutions could easily improve information and support for students, researchers and staff about their study abroad possibilities - and that the creation of education communities provides one possible way to achieve this!

teengirlsA common problem especially in bigger universities and higher education institutions exist in a considerable decentralization of information. The International Relations Office is responsible for all organizational tasks of the internationalization of the institution, faculties and schools are quite independent concerning academic affairs, and perhaps the language departments for the integration of foreign students - while an important percentage of the most up-to-date information comes from students who have studied abroad.

Higher education is becoming more and more important, and many universities and institutions of higher education are increasingly competing for students. In this area we would like to offer you our services in order to increase the interconnection between your students, to enhance exchange and cooperation between students, to create new student communities, and to offer you additional tools and services for your current as well as future students. Build your own Education Community today, and offer a new service for the intercultural education of your students.

Decentralization of different tasks and responsibilities prior, during, after study abroad terms, the diversified and up-to-date knowledge and experience from students who studied abroad or are currently organizing a semester abroad, interconnections between local and foreign students are important points, and beneficial and useful information should be concentrated and accessible on one single platform.

cablesbwOften students quote that one of their major experiences during the academic career has been their studies abroad, an enriching experience with another culture, in another country. But most students make their decision about where to go based upon their "gut feeling", or on the comments of some friends who already have studied in this or that country, at this or that university. In that area we would like to offer you - and especially your Office of International Relations - the creation of an online community about Study Abroad! We offer Content Management Systems (CMS) which creates education communities - start your own community today!

We would therefore like to offer that we build a first draft, a first initial website, and then host it ourselves or transfer it to a server of your choice. During daily work, so many changes and news must be integrated and updated, dates, visits, programs, available study options abroad etc. Getting this information on-line would be difficult or nearly impossible to outsource. So we would construct the page. Afterwards a chosen member of your International Office will receive a short, normally one to two days training seminar on this program. Then this person would be able to make all necessary changes, create new articles, updating existing ones, integrate videos and photos into the platform and extend the general content of the site. Once installed, the program, or rather the page itself, is easy to update and maintain, and no further knowledge about different software programs is necessarily required.

We could be consulted, and people can contact us if they have any further question about the functions and uses of this program. We would be pleased to help enhance the service options at your institution or university and to contribute towards the increasing requirements and needs for the internationalization of your institution.

We would be pleased to send you a detailed offer - and to create together with you a new "International Exchange Community" for your institutions!

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