It's a pleasure to welcome you here on this new website on International Higher Education! You will find a lot of articles, links, news, and hopefully a wide range of useful information. Above all, this website shall enhance international cooperation as well as networking within International Higher Education, therefore the community and the forum are one of the major offers of this website.

After now working more than ten years in International Education and attending quite a lot of international conferences, I often thought about how to proceed after a conference, how to stay efficiently in contact with colleagues and international friends, and how to pick up quickly the contact after some month or after somebody has changed the institution. And what could be provided by the corresponding association in order to increase the effectiveness of a conference, education fair or event?

womanglobebwWell, with social networking becoming increasinlgy important, I was wondering how to use this trend for improving international cooperation and networking. So I initiated and created this website and community on International Education, which allows its members to easily communicate with others, contact existing partners and finding new colleagues. During the last two years I was especially interested in the use and usability of Social Software within Higher Education.

In 2009, I could give a presentation on "Education Communities and the use of Social Software for Higher Education Institutions" at the AIEA conference in Atlanta, USA. After that I started to work and to develop various platforms, ideas, projects on how Higher Education Institutions might further benefit from Social Software and social networking. The platform Jadiliano with its forum and the community on international education shall provide a new source for information for just these topcis and themes.       

In Swahili, Jadiliano means "Discussion" - and this is what this website tries to enhance, to foster, to increase, all kind of discussion and interaction within International Education. So it would be a pleasure if you would join this community, and that the website could enhance international cooperation, networking and discussion.

I created this website during late 2010 and the first half of 2011 and finally published and put it online in October 2011. In May 2012, I could welcome Alex Markman as the first team member. Please find further information about all the people involed in this project within the menu "Contacts".

And you like this website? Well, would be great if you do so, and also very helpful for us if you'd like to engage in one way or another. Jadiliano is still mananaged as a part-time project, beside my regular job, and would be great to see its further expansion and development. 

Please always feel free to send me your comments, thoughts, and further ideas how to improve this service. Thanks!

Together we will grow! 




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