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Offering information about international study options for students are central tasks and requirements for each international relations department. Students require more and more specific information about a semester abroad, about study options in a certain academic area, about language requirements or financial supports. On this website I've tried to develop a system to provide specific information for each partner institution of the UTS.

Benefits for students would be above all an extensive pre-departure orientation and improved networking options. UTS International hopefully could reduce the number of general questions about study abroad options and increase the amount of personalized consulting for its students. And the university could illustrate in a very visual way its international network and international connections which could attract new and prospective students as well.

Currently I just developped a sample profile for the University of Erlangen-Nuremberg in Germany in order to illustrate possibilities of describing institutions on this website and how to link these articles to the forum or students' profiles.

For each institution, the following characteristics could be described:

1About the university. Information about the university, important details, information about location and how to get there, and further data students should know about this institution.

2Study Options. What can students study at this institution? How will studies at this institution complement and enhance studies at UTS? Which language courses and assistance for language learning are offered? 

3Application Procedures and Requirements. When do students have to apply, what do they have to submit, what are important deadlines?

4Housing options. Where to stay during an exchange semester is a central question and issue during studies in another country. In this housing section students can find some information and links to the housing offers of this institution.

5Photos & Videos. In this section students can find some further impressions, photos and images from the institution. The university can also link this section to a special photo album of students who already studied there and would like to make their photos available for the community.

6Student Testimonials. Find information and advice within the various student testimonials. Some brief testimonials or a list of available testimonials could be presented on this website -> this could linked to personal testimonial of each student who studied abroad -> at the end of each testimonial, a link to the personal profile of a student can easily be added. So visitors who read the testimonial and have further questions can get in contact with this student and ask further questions. This option wouls be just available for registered users.

7Comments. At the end of this presentation of our partner university you will find a possibility to add comments and discuss certain topics.

Overall aim and intention of a project like this would be the creation of a platform for information, communication and interaction within all international relations issues of the UTS. This hopefully will lead to the creation of an international eduaction community. 

I believe that a system like this could present important information for students, increase connection and networking between students, and could offer an important enrichment to the overall study experience.

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